Take 4Pillars for a hack ‘n’ slash at rAge 2018’s home_coded both

Nobody expects the creepy portal to a mysterious, unknown world populated almost entirely by monsters. Our chief weapon is darkness. Darkness and light, light and darkness. Our two weapons are darkness and light. Our three weapons are darkness, light, spirit, and fear. Our four… no. AMONGST OUR WEAPONS ARE SUCH WEAPONS AS, YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS JOKE IS DERIVATIVE.

4Pillars is a mobile dungeon buster by local indie studio Elag Creations, based around the four pillars – it’s not just a clever name, you know – of darkness, light, spirit, and fear, and you can try it out at rAge’s home_coded booth, 5-7 October at the TicketPro Dome in Joburg. Bring your own comfy chair.

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