The free Mega Man 11 demo is out now, so go take the Blue Bomber for a spin

Capcom has put together a demo for the upcoming Mega Man 11, giving players a chance to try the latest installment in the veteran franchise before deciding if it’s worth laying some cash down for.

I reckon by now you pretty much know whether you’re a Mega Man kind of person or not, but there may be a few of you who are on the fence. The demo, then, is aimed at you folks. The free sampler gives players access to Block Man’s level, with three difficulty levels to test your skill level. Every Mega Man game I’ve ever played has been an exercise in perpetual personal failure, so I’ll be hitting that “I’m too young to die” difficultly level, no doubt.

Capcom has added something clever to the demo, challenging as many gamers as possible to beat Block Man and then show off their victory with the #BustBlockMan hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. If enough of you manage to defeat him there’ll be a little something waiting for you once the full game is released. Don’t expect anything too extravagant, though… Capcom is tempering expectations by calling it a “small reward of single-use items”.

The demo is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, and the full game hits those platforms on 2 October.

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