Destiny 2’s new Last Wish raid clocked in 18 hours and 48 minutes, including toilet breaks

Launched on Friday night, the game’s new Forsaken expansion raid took almost 19 hours to finish for the coveted world first accolade, with Clan Redeem claiming the win and a new record longest completion time for any raid in the series by four hours.

Clan Redeem was the first of only two fireteams that managed to defeat Riven and deliver her heart to an ambiguous redemption in the first 24 hours of launch, three-something hours ahead of Clan Tier 1 – with early frontrunners Datto and Clan Math Class dropping behind at the final boss encounter, and Gothalion and his fireteam quitting entirely on finding out that wasn’t actually the end of it. Clan Math Class subsequently finished at 24 hours and 2 minutes (close, but not close enough), and Gothalion only sometime in the early hours of Monday morning, local time.

Since the raid was beaten, a number of new things have also appeared in the game, mostly around the Dreaming City – including a new strike mission, a new Gambit map, new story stuff, and probably more that hasn’t even been discovered yet. How very intriguing

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