rAge 2018: Cooler Master’s stand will attract cool fans of all ages

rAge 2018, if you weren’t paying attention, is almost upon us! I’m here to induce panic in you as you now contemplate your calendar and what you might have going on that weekend. Cooler Master, on the other hand, has fully booked rAge on their calendar, and they want you to join in the fun. Their stand will play host to a modding competition, giveaways, and a full product showcase. Hit the jump for more.

The headlining act for the weekend will be a modding competition that takes place throughout the weekend. Twelve contestants will be invited to attend the competition, which is basically a dance-off using Cooler Master’s K500L ATX chassis. With help from a professional graffiti artist, you’ll be given two hours to fully modify the look of your case and be judged at the end of the weekend by a panel.

Interested? Head on over to Cooler Master’s Facebook page to enter into the Mod Squad contest. Comment on the post with your design idea for your case, and the 12 most interesting designs will be selected and the contestants invited. Winners will be announced on the final day of rAge once all of the cases have been completed – the top three contestants will stand a chance to win various other Cooler Master components to complete their build such as CPU coolers, Peripherals and/or Power supplies.

There are also some ground rules:

  • Contestants will need to spray paint their own cases with the materials provided to them by Cooler Master.
  • Contestants will also be allowed to bring in any extra colours of spray paint that Cooler Master will not be providing if they require a certain colour or type of paint to complete their design.
  • Contestants are also encouraged to bring with them pre-made stencil designs to make use of at the competition.

It also goes without saying that if you’re Thanos, you’re not invited. Whittling down things to half of the contestants isn’t allowed.

The stand will also play host to giveaways, as mentioned earlier, and a full range of Cooler Master’s product lines sold locally. This includes the company’s range of power supplies, chassis, RGB fans, RGB keyboards and mice, RGB mousepads, and more – this may or may not include a hands-on opportunity with literally the best-looking keyboard the company has ever designed, the SK620. There’s also PC build-offs happening throughout the weekend, so if you’re new to building a tower you can see things coming together for yourself.

rAge Expo takes place from 5-7 October 2018 at the Ticketpro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg.

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