A PS4 version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has shown up on a Korean ratings board


That creaking sound you hear is the weight of one the biggest games in the world pressing hard against a console exclusivity deal which is on the verge of bursting wide open. Allegedly.

That’s right, it looks like PUBG is heading towards its Rise of the Tomb Raider moment, primed to break free from the deal which has had it tied up as an Xbox exclusive since it’s Game Preview launch late last year. The leaked clue pointing to a PS4 version of the world phenomenon that is PUBG comes via the Korean Game Rating Board, which recently posted a rating for PUBG on Sony’s console. It’s been classified as “Not for Youth”, which I imagine has something to do with the unhealthy levels of hiding in attics that goes down in the game. Or is that just me? I kid… it’s probably to do with all the death and shooting and pre-game lobby teabagging.

News of a PS4 version is hardly surprising, but it will still be a bit of a knock for Microsoft to lose console exclusivity for one of the biggest games around. Are people still so excited about PUBG, though? On PC, at least, it’s definitely losing steam. Still, for PS4 gamers looking for an alternative to Fortnite and whatever other battle royale nonsense the kids are playing, this will be good news.

Via Eurogamer


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