rAge 2018: NAG’s home_coded booth features the lankest kiffest local indie games mos

It’s rAge next weekend, and that means games, cosplay, games, hardware, games, merch, games, esports, games, tech, games, games, and games. Also, games. And what about games? We’ve totally got games too – including NAG’s very own home_coded initiative, promoting local indie games at the expo since 2012. Check it, my bru.

Table Realms

Red Oxygen – a combo transmedia venture by Celestial Games and Combined Artists Production – is debuting Table Realms, its innovative new gaming platform for mobile smart devices. “Using Table Realms, you can play any game on any device that has a Table Realms enhanced QR code,” the press stuff explains. “All necessary content is transferred straight to your phone via ad-hoc or infrastructure Wi-Fi. No additional downloads, saving your mobile data.”

Ex-NAG editor and Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale dev Geoff Burrows is involved in the project somehow, so go get your t-shirt signed.

Codex Knights

Mattador Starfish’s Codex Knights is a procedurally-generated 3D action adventure for mobile “designed to ignite a passion for reading and discovery” that casts you as a – you guessed it! – Codex Knight, a colonist of the stars and cosmic librarian tasked with saving a galactic archive from some sort of alien corruption. The Dewey Decimal System? MORE LIKE THE KABLOOEY DECIMAL SYSTEM, AMIRITE.

Akromah’s Tale

Probably the first ever RPG to introduce a sentient bag as a companion, Akromah’s Tale is an “an action-packed experience, filled with mystery, darkness, hope, and adventure” for PC. Visit IP Gaming’s exhibit, meet the team, and play an exclusive demo custom-built for rAge.

Loot Defence

Pirates be wantin’ to steal ye booty, like pirates be. Jolly roger those bilge-suckin’ scurvy scallywags instead, Captain, and keep ye plunder for yeself! Loot Defence for PC and Android mobile devices includes three modes – Loot Defence, Loot Rush, and Multi Loot – with global scoreboard support.


You’re a bug now. And you must feed. And nest. And breed. And, inevitably, protect your precious nektaar from other bugs. It’s not actually so different from real life, when you think about it like that. A version of the game is already available to play in a browser on PC, mobile, or other smart device, and – in case reinventing yourself as a bug is awkward and disconcerting at first – there’s a video tutorial to help you out.

Don’t miss cyber-döppelgänger puzzle-’em-up Echoplex, arcade racer Curve, and hack-‘n’-slash dungeon buster 4Pillars, also at NAG’s home_coded booth.

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