Xbox Live Games With Gold for October are all about standing the heat or getting out of the kitchen

Okay, so only one of the games is directly about standing the heat or getting out of the kitchen. The others probably feature various instances of heat, and at least one or two kitchens between them, so just go with it.

My kitchen idiom obviously points directly at Overcooked, the star of the October line-up of Xbox Live Games with Gold on Xbox One. If you haven’t spent any time swearing at your friends in Ghost Town Games’ frantic chef-em-up, you’re in for a treat. A noisy, sweaty, often wonderfully frustrating treat. There’s a sequel now, but the original remains a surprisingly good way to kill a few hours and ruin a few friendships. Overcooked will be available from 1 October through to the end of the month.

The unfortunately titled Victor Vran is your second free Xbox One game, which will be available from 16 October through to 15 November. A little bit Diablo, a little bit Van Helsing, Victor Vran is a demon slaying isometric action RPG which earned better reviews than you might imagine. It slipped under my radar entirely, I’ll admit, so I look forward to seeing what I’ve been missing.

On the Xbox 360 front, it will be over-the-top skillfest Stuntman: Ignition up first, from 1 October until 15 October, whereafter it will be replaced by Hitman: Blood Money through to the end of the month. Both are showing their age now, but both were highly regarded in their day, and you’ll be able to play them on either Xbox One or Xbox 360. And that’s the end of the October freebie list, folks.

Borderlands 3 screenshots
Borderlands 3 screenshots