NAG LAN @ rAge 2018: Everything you need to know before you go

It’s rAge weekend, this weekend, and as the NAG mothership drops out of interstellar hyperwarp and the LAN crew preps its docking procedures, quarantine protocols, and glittery spandex jumpsuits, we need to make sure that you’re ready too. Did you go to the toilet? Did you pack some extra undies? Did you remember to get one of those special green plugs? TRICK QUESTION, BECAUSE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE RED AND HOW WOULD YOU EVEN KNOW THAT IF YOU DON’T READ THIS. 

Computicket ticket process

Computicket staff will be at each NAG LAN entrance with scanners to scan and verify all NAG LAN tickets. Should you have purchased your ticket from the black market, please take note that the likelihood of this ticket having been cancelled is very high, and there is a possibility that you will be denied access.

Arrival and entrances

We love your energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to be first in the NAG LAN queue, but please remember that no gamers will be permitted onto the Ticketpro Dome premises before Thursday morning. Upon arrival on Thursday you will need to adhere to the queuing system that is in place to ensure that the gamers who arrive first, get in first when doors officially open. Please be sure to get a queuing ticket from our NAG LAN security guards. For those of you that will be arriving on the Friday, you will need to check in at your designated LAN entrance as per below:

  • NAG LAN Mezzanine (Green) -Entrance 2, from the big ramp
  • NAG LAN Banqueting (Yellow) – Entrance 8, downstairs under main ramp from Parking G/ Below Entrance 4
  • NAG LAN Blue Wing (Blue) – Entrance 9, Blue Wing Entrance, next to entrance 3


All NAG LAN gamers are to make use of parking block A/B. Please note that this is not the same parking we have used in previous years, so check the location on the Precinct Map to make sure you know where to go. Upon arrival you will be given a parking ticket, and will be required to write down your car registration details on this ticket. It is important that this parking ticket is always displayed in your car window. Only people with a valid NAG LAN ticket will be granted access to parking block A/B. Please note parking bays are available on a first come first serve basis.



Should you have a Virgin Active membership that allows you to use clubs all over the country, then you will be allowed entry into the Virgin Active Northgate branch, situated across the road, provided you bring your membership card with you. For those gamers without a Virgin Active membership we will have portable shower facilities in tower A (see venue layout above – showers are located on the bottom right). The showers are accessible through NAG LAN Banqueting. Gamers on the Mezzanine level and in Blue Wing will walk down the demarcated staircases in their relevant areas to Banqueting and use the marked exit. There will also be clear directional signs and pink footprints on the floor from all NAG LAN areas that will also assist you to easily find the showers. Please be sure to bring your own toiletries and towels.

Shower operating hours:

  • Friday, 5 Oct: 06h00 – 18h00
  • Saturday, 6 Oct: 06h00 – 18h00
  • Sunday, 7 Oct: 06h00 – 18h00

The showers will be manned by a security guard during these times and will be locked outside of these hours. Please remember to leave the showers as clean as you found them!


Clutter Free zones

You will note that we’ve demarcated Clutter Free zones in each area. Gamers may not store their belongings, sleep, or rest in these areas as they are to be kept clear at all times for health and safety reasons. All other spaces in the NAG LAN are available for use. Violation of any NAG LAN rules will result in you being removed from the NAG LAN.


We have made a limited number of lockers available for use in the LAN, where gamers can store valuables should you need to. You do need to bring your own lock, as locks will not be supplied by us. Standard sized locks are recommended. Lockers that have not been emptied out by 15h00 on Sunday when the LAN closes will be opened by security by cutting the locks, and all items found in there will be placed in the Lost & Found box which will be at the NAG office from Wednesday 10 October. Please note that lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis.

IDs and/or licences

rAge is an all-inclusive event for friends, couples, and families who love to experience the world of tech and gaming together. While there’s loads for under-18s to see and do, there are some games, activities, and areas that are open only to over-18s. So please ensure you bring some form of identification with you (ID, passport, or driver’s licence) to ensure that your rAge experience is hassle-free. Failing to produce proof of age may restrict your access to certain areas.

Girlfriend passes

You are more than welcome to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend/non-gender-binary-symbiote with you into the NAG LAN, however they do have to purchase a weekend ticket which costs R300. Upon arrival at the LAN they will go to the NAG LAN registration desk with their weekend pass ticket where they will be issued with a pink Girlfriend Pass wristband. This wristband will give them free access in and out of the LAN for the whole weekend. Please be aware however that there is no extra seating in the LAN.

Parent passes

Should your parents wish to visit you in the NAG LAN or bring you any items you may have forgotten, please advise them to meet you at the NAG LAN registration desk in the area you are in, where they will then be provided with a Parent Pass wristband which will allow them to access the NAG LAN.

Food vendors

Food vendors will be located outside the Blue Wing area (by Entrance 3) and inside all three NAG LAN areas. These vendors will remain open 24/7 from Friday, 5 October. There will also be coffee stations in each NAG LAN area that will also be open 24/7.


Should you need a break from gaming we will have GINX Esports TV streaming to a big screen in all three NAG LAN areas.

Access to rAge Expo on Saturday

Please to remember that because Saturday has a very high attendance over the lunch time period, the Fire Chief has advised us that he may temporarily restrict/close access from the NAG LAN into the expo itself between 11:00 – 14:00. This is to ensure that the health and safety regulations of the venue are adhered to and overcrowding is avoided. This decision will be made by the Fire Chief on site on Saturday once the capacity and attendance numbers over this time period have been assessed by the safety team. Please do be understanding and tolerant in this matter, as the safety of everyone inside the venue is of primary concern should an emergency arise, and the venue needs to be evacuated.

Lastly, if you haven’t already done so, please make sure you’ve read the NAG LAN @ rAge FAQ. This includes very important info about the green red plugs.

Any questions you may still have about the LAN can be posted in the comments section below. Or if you have any issues during the LAN itself, please chat to one of the NAG LAN admins.

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