PSA: Go vote for free games on GOG

Can you believe it, GOG is turning ten this month. They grow up so fast, don’t they? From “Good Old Games” to “GOG” and soon, a cynical, misanthropic teen who listens to The Cure, won’t leave its room, and complains about how much everything sucks, ironically, but unironically (or is it unironically, but ironically?), and only responds to “G”. In the meantime, though, it’s a chubby-cheeked tween and it’s having the best ever birthday party and you’re invited to come over and play, and you should because before you know it, you’re deemed not enough on fleek or too extra or, like, shook or whatever.

To commemorate the occasion, GOG is letting users vote between three games – Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot, and Firewatch – with the most-voted going free for everybody tomorrow, 4 October. CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY.

“Our 10th Anniversary is a chance to step back, understand what works, and recognize the things we can do better,” the company explains. “As for what’s next – there’s plenty more to say about our vision for the store and the GOG Galaxy platform: a new understanding of how the two complement each other, and where it makes sense to diverge and improve without compromise.”

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