Mosh Pit: “Heart, Lungs, Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!”

Welcome to Mosh Pit, people. There’s a good chance that 50% of those of you reading this are standing in line waiting for a go at one of the hands-on opportunities or VR demos at rAge, or playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (spoiler alert: we think it’s just lovely). For the rest of you, we have a sale from Stardock Software on Steam, two new Nokia phones, and one slimy symbiote to see at the cinemas.

rAge weekend

For those of you somehow not following with the story, this weekend is rAge weekend. From today through to Sunday we’re hosting rAge at the TicketPro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg. There’s tons to see and to do, and to win, and there’s a lot of esports action happening as well. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, take a drive down there and see what’s new. Making a stop at Artist’s Alley is definitely recommended, because you get to talk to many of the people who produce the wonderful paintings and portraits you can buy at the expo, and every shop owner is super friendly. Also, rAge plays host to literally dozens of amazing cosplayers, so you might want to check out that as well.

Stardock Publisher Weekend on Steam

Stardock makes a lot of cool stuff, from computer software, to desktop theme organisers for Windows, to videogames – and it’s that last bit that we’re interested in. Until Monday evening, you can get up to 80% off selected titles, and that includes games such as Ashes of the Singularity, Offworld Trading Company, and Sins of a Solar Empire. Many of these games are Windows-only, but if you’re on Linux you can use Proton to play all of these titles. For Windows 10 users, Stardock’s Start10 app which gives you a completely customisable Start menu is a must.

Nokia’s new 7.1 and 2.1 Android One smartphone

Nokia has been doing very well with its smartphones of late, bringing up some excellent contenders in the Android phone market such as the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 8 Scirocco. The new kid on the block is the successor to the Nokia 7 Plus, and it’s called the Nokia 7.1. A clone of the Nokia 6.1 Plus destined for countries in the EMEA and North America, the 7.1 is a metal-and-glass clad midrange smartphone designed to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei in the same price range. Starting off at R345 on contract with Vodacom, the Nokia 7.1 sports a 19:9 aspect ratio display at 5.8-inches diagonal with IPS technology, a Snapdragon 636 platform with up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, a dual 12MP+5MP camera array for shots with accurate depth sensing, 4K 30fps video recording, and USB Type-C connectivity. There is a headphone jack up at the top. Thanks to the Android One platform, the Nokia 7.1 will receive Android P next year along with Google’s Nexus family, and will continue to receive operating system upgrades and monthly security updates for the next two years.

Another new arrival for the company is the Nokia 2.1, an entry-level smartphone running Android Go and featuring a 720p 5.5-inch IPS display and a 4000mAh battery. It comes with a Snapdragon 435 chipset, 1GB of system memory, and 8GB of system storage. The camera and the video recording capabilities won’t be anything to write home about, but that enormous battery means this is essentially a modern Nokia 3310 with week-long battery life.

Avermedia AM310 USB microphone now available

So far, so good Avermedia – you haven’t been snapped up by a gaming peripherals brand looking to appeal to Twitch streamers. Avermedia has been making audio and video capture peripherals for over a decade now, and this Taiwan-based company has made a name for itself in the video conferencing and telecoms market. The AM310 isn’t a new product – in fact, this microphone has been available overseas since 2017, but it will soon be available in South Africa. Sporting a USB connection and a built-in adjustable stand, this is a good option for anyone looking for a good standalone microphone for streaming, podcast recording, entry-level music production, or just plain Skyping (on that note, Skype 8.1 loses a bunch of settings for microphones, so it’s just as well that the AM310 installs its own driver with its own settings).

Venom is now in cinemas

Thanos might be intimidating, what with that Infinity Gauntlet and all, but Venom is the most terrifying villain ever created by Stan Lee. Who’s up for watching an alien symbiote kick ass all over Manhattan?

You got Limbo in my real life