Epic Games buys security services company Kamu

Epic Games announced yesterday that it’s acquiring game tech firm Kamu, known throughout the industry for its EasyAntiCheat (EAC) software. Based in Finland, Kamu has been in the anti-cheat business since 2013 and has made its reputation – and considerable cashflow – by protecting more than 80 games, many of them online multiplayer titles which are subject to lots of hacking.

“Kamu’s team and tools have been key to building a vibrant Fortnite multiplayer experience that’s fair for all players,” said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games. “Building and launching games today is incredibly challenging, and only half the battle. Kamu’s tools for managing live games help developers grow and sustain their games successfully after launch. At Epic, we succeed when developers succeed!”

“Joining the Epic family is not only a childhood dream come true, but a huge boost for our mission to help developers create beautiful gaming experiences,” added Kamu CEO Simon Allaeys. “Battling cheating in games was just the start; today our products also help developers stay competitive by identifying player needs as quickly as they emerge.”

The acquisition by Epic means that Epic now has direct control over the future of EAC, already widely distributed and used in Fortnite: Battle Royale to keep the community safer from hacking and malicious attacks. This move also brings all of Kamu’s IP into Epic’s war chest, and all of the existing deals and partnerships that Kamu had with their customers will still continue.

This is the second major acquisition of a company that makes anti-cheat software in the past year. Naspers bought out DRM maker Denuvo in January 2018 through its subsidiary, Irdeto. Successful DRM is difficult to come by, and it’s no surprise that companies like Irdeto and Epic would want to have the best tools at their disposal to protect their products. This news makes me less optimistic about the chances of Fortnite making its way to Linux, but here’s hoping that Epic may have a change of heart in the future.

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