James Gunn has been signed up to write the new Suicide Squad film

I’m going to take a awkward sidestep around the whole discussion about “was it fair to fire James Gunn from the Guardians of the Galaxy” thing and just get to the point instead.

Freshly lopped off from the Disney teat, James Gunn has switched sides from Marvel to DC for his first job since that whole debacle and will be penning an as yet untitled Suicide Squad follow up. Could be a sequel, could be a prequel, could be anything, as long as it’s better than the first Suicide Squad movie, amirite? I kid, I haven’t seen it. DC Cinematic Universe, LOL.

Warner Bros clearly didn’t worry too much about Gunn’s assortment of kiddie fiddler-esque tweets which he misguidedly spat out onto Twitter a decade ago, and the studio is happy to put him to work. Right now his role as writer is confirmed, but there are mutterings that Gunn may direct too, according to a report by Deadline.

James Gunn brought a distinct flavour to the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films – I’m not sure the films would have been as successful without him – but Disney obviously has a reputation to maintain, and if that means holding a man accountable for offensive flamebait he hurled at the world to get attention so many years ago, so be it. Perhaps the Marvel universe’s loss will be DC’s gain.

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