Mosh Pit: A God of War LP, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (now with more, and bundle deals with Ryzen

Welcome to Mosh Pit, the post-rAge edition. A good time was had by all, and it was a tremendous success, especially for the esports events and the NAG LAN. This weekend, we have some new phone protectors from Body Glove to share, some epic music, two game releases to drain your bank account, and some cool hardware. Dig in!

New Body Glove phone protectors for the latest iPhone range

So you’ve gone and done a thing: you bought an iPhone XS. Now you can’t stop looking at the notch, the lovely OLED display, the picture quality from Apple’s cameras, and the lack of a headphone jack (or a USB fast charger, you need to go back to the iStore for that). You’ve got to protect your new baby that you’ve shelled out money for, and Body Glove is here to help. Their new range of protectors for the iPhone range include the Body Glove Ice, Silk, and Black protectors. These are designed to ensure a snug fit for your phone, and ample protection from the elements. There’s even the new Lux protector, which includes two slots for your bank card and driver’s license or Smart ID. Neat!

God of War Soundtrack on vinyl

Cory Barlog’s God of War is just spectacular. It’s definitely Sony’s second-best game of this year, after Marvel’s Spider-Man made waves and turned Xbox owners into a deeper shade of green. The music of the game is even better. Bear McCreary, composer of the soundtrack to The Walking Dead TV series, drummed up this music when he only had a few pieces of information to work on, and it sets the tone for the game from start to finish. You can purchase the soundtrack online through most any store, but if you own an LP player this might be worth adding to your collection. Buy it on Raru.

Ryzen 7 1800X with free Reevan CLC cooler

Over at Wootware, they’re running a lekker sale on an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X bundle for R4,999 with an aftermarket closed-loop liquid cooler. The first-gen Ryzen-X parts didn’t ship with a stock thermal solution, although AMD rectified this later on by shipping the Ryzen 2 X-series chips with proper coolers. If you’re looking for the backbone of a new system, built for work and play, you can’t go wrong with an 1800X chip. There’s other Ryzen sales going on as well, so be sure to check those out.

Black Ops 4 is out now

If you’re a Call of Duty fan, you’ve obviously inscribed this date on your calendar and you’ve been itching to play it. If you’re not a fan and just want a nice, new shooter, this might be up your alley. Black Ops 4 is the latest in the Black Ops series from Treyarch, and this one takes place in… actually, it doesn’t have a single-player campaign. Multiplayer only. There’s a battle royale mode, Zombies, and new tactics to learn and master, and it’s very impressive graphically. Also, this is the first Activision game in the Call of Duty series that isn’t being launched on Steam. You’ll need a account and the launcher for this one. Buy it online, or through Raru.

Phanteks sale at Wootware

Wootware’s running quite a few specials this week, and another one that I think will be popular with readers is the Phanteks sale they’re having right now. Phanteks makes computer cases and other cooling components, and they’re well regarded in the US and Europe for their quality and component layout. I don’t know anyone who makes cases that look quite as good as the Eclipse P400S Black Silent Edition. If you’re looking for anything from a mini-ATX built to a monster that needs to house a dual-socket E-ATX build, you’re bound to find something you like here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches this month

Just in case your wallet is too full and you must buy one game in October. Pre-order your copy through BT Games.

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