Red Dead Redemption 2 download on Xbox One and PS4 is going to take a big bite out of your hard drive

The digital download sizes for both console versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 have been revealed. They’re big. How big? Let’s just say that if you’re still rocking a standard 500GB hard drive in your Xbox One or PS4 you’re probably going to want to start thinking about dangling a fat external drive out of one the USB slots in the back sometime soon.

The Xbox One version of Rockstar’s eagerly anticipated cowboy adventure will weigh in at 88.56GB, as spotted on Red Dead Redemption 2’s Xbox store page, while the PS4 version has been listed at 89.2GB on the PlayStation store. You’ve got to hit the store via your PS4 to see that, though, as the web-based store still shows the 105GB minimum save size associated with the physical retail copy of the game.

Hard drive space is one thing, but line speed is also something to consider these days – with many high profile games pushing up to and beyond the 100GB mark, there’s a certain amount of crippling frustration that comes with anything less than a fibre line. And you can take my word for it… my 4MB line is just about fast enough to make sure that Red Dead Redemption 2 should be finished downloading just in time for Red Dead Redemption 3 to be released.

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