Soulcalibur 6 lands tomorrow, so here’s a launch trailer full of swords and fury for your viewing pleasure

Soulcalibur 6 – the one we’re all excited about because it’s got that bearded uncle from The Witcher – is almost here, so Bandai Namco has put together a launch trailer to celebrate its arrival.

It’s got all the sweeping arcs of sword death you could hope to see in one place, as well as a pointy guy shouting about devouring your soul, so, yes, it checks all the Soulcalibur boxes. Things were on a bit of a downward trend last time we checked, with Soulcalibur 5 selling a million copies less than Soulcalibur 4 in the months after launch, and Bandai Namco will be hoping that this latest entry will turn that frown upside down.

It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to head back into the Soulcalibur world, and this latest franchise entry looks like a solid return to form, with early reviews being quite enthusiastic about it so far.

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