Devil May Cry 5 has a R120,000-something limited edition

In this week’s episode of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, Capcom has announced some ludicrously expensive limited editions of its upcoming smash-’em-up vogue sim Devil May Cry 5, which aren’t available outside of Japan for your own safety.

According to Kotaku, the game’s Ultra Limited Editions come in three fashionable ensembles, hot out of Hell’s 2019 summer catalogue. Priced at 972,000 yen, tax included (approximately R122,000), you can get the game plus this replica Dante leather duster in contemporary dried-demon’s-blood-burgundy with gold accents.

If that’s too much – and I don’t necessarily mean the cost – what about this replica Nero trenchcoat with a unique quilt-noir aesthetic and one sleeve missing? Or not, that’s up to you, but asymmetry is totally in this season and it’s yours for only 810,000 yen (approximately R102,000).

But perhaps you want something with both sleeves missing? Choose this replica V cuirass, featuring pre-stained lapels and rustic hand stitching in a flattering slim cut, for the much more budget-conscious 600,000 yen (approximately R82,000).

Or maybe save your money for more important things like avos.

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