Elon Musk deletes Fortnite

Okay, so he didn’t actually delete Fortnite, it’s a joke, but… would it be such a bad thing if he did? I mean, it’s probably more useful than a cyborg dragon, although I guess a robot apocalypse would solve this problem at the same time, anyway.

Over the weekend, SpaceX boss and mad scientist Elon Musk claimed to have purchased and deleted Fortnite “to save these kids from eternal virginity”, supporting this otherwise not entirely inconceivable assertion with a shooped Marketwatch news article – because if it’s real on the internet, it’s real for real, those are the rules and you can ask my mom-in-law about Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to give away $45 billion of Facebook stock to everybody who copy-pastes this thing for more info.

But Fortnite wasn’t taking egregious allegations about its users’ sexual accomplishments – or lack thereof – lying down, alone, with a bottle of lube, again.

Oh #zing.

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