Red Dead Redemption 2’s map leaks out onto the internet

Ahead of the game’s launch on Friday, images of its map are dribbling into the toobz, confirming every location you’ll be able to visit as the fugitive Arthur Morgan.

Spoilers, obviously.

Apparently captured from the pages of a German game guide with the description “orte für besondare zufallsbegegnungen” (“places for special random encounters”, more or less), the map is not exactly unfamiliar territory for people who played the original Red Dead Redemption. Although Mexico doesn’t feature, most other places from the first game do – including Armadillo, Fort Mercer, McFarlane’s Ranch, Tall Trees, and Tumbleweed. The area on the upper-right beyond Flat Iron Lake, however, is entirely new.


Meanwhile, over on Reddit, user Mco_yum_yum has also provided some close-ups of the map images for your convenience, so take a gander at them before the inevitable DMCA sheriff moseys into town.

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