Fortnite’s Halloween event introduces pumpkin launchers

It’s that time of the year, and Epic Games’ monster megahit is scarelebrating the season with Fortnitemares, a spooktacular event featuring tricks, treats, and… something about zombies?

The game’s Twitter account has been dropping appropriately foreboding teasers this week, including an ominous poem:

Costumes and dancing 
Partner up, be wise 
They could be friendly 
Or a ghoul in disguise

Tombstones quake
Keep your finger steady
The circle will close
Better be ready

The crack of lightning
Illuminates your wins
Arise, dark ones-
The fight begins.

Okay, so it’s zombies – sorry, no, “Cube Monsters” but it’s totally zombies – and for the first time in the Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, some PVPVE funs. Also, inevitably, lots of new thingies to collect, like a rocket launcher that shoots pumpkins and I almost want to play it now. Almost.

“During Fortnitemares, you’ll face off against Cube Monsters in a whole new way of playing Battle Royale,” the press stuff explains. “There are new weapons to fight back against these creepy creatures, like the Six Shooter and Fiend Hunter Crossbow. Take out the Cube Fiends and Fragments to pick up loot, and survive against enemy players.”

Fortnitemares starts today.

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