Intel addresses rumours suggesting that 10nm is cancelled

Intel has responded to recent reports that the company has shelved or cancelled its 10nm production process, claiming “we are making good progress” on it, with a launch expected by the end of 2019.

Intel’s Twitter account for brand-related news sent this out late yesterday, restating that the company’s products based on 10nm would be ready in time for the Christmas rush next year. In Intel’s past press releases, this window has always been accompanied with the words “products on shelves”, which may imply that this release window is concentrating on full systems like laptops and OEM desktops. Intel also reiterates that yields are improving, which is good news.

Intel currently only has one fab working on the 10nm process, located in Oregon, US. Very limited quantities of product are being made on this process, and Intel has done something similar in the past as pipe cleaner to optimise the new process. With volume production only expected to ramp up after July 2019, it leaves them with very little time to proceed with a launch for both DIY PC builders as well as the OEM market.

In response to Intel’s Tweet, Semi Accurate’s Charlie Demerjian said, “Intel has denied ending 10nm on Twitter. SemiAccurate stands by its reporting.” Intel’s earnings call for Q3 2018 will be held on 25 October, and we’ll know more about the situation once that conference is over.

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