FIFA 19’s latest update gives the keeper a bit of an overhaul and tones down the jumping volley kick madness

Remember when I reviewed FIFA 19 the other day and I was bitching about the bicycle kicks? I said “I’m not sold on the new obsession with extravagant volleys and overhead kicks,” and it looks like I’m not the only one. EA Sports has delivered a hefty update for the highly regarded footy sim, and knocking the ego out of all this silly showboating has been one of the core focuses.

If you’re yet to play FIFA 19 you wouldn’t register the issue here, but trust me, the jumping volley kick thing has been a problem. They happen too often, in the most unrealistic circumstances, pulled off with too much power, by any Tom, Dick, or Ronaldo. This has been addressed.

Goalkeepers have also been given a going over, fixing a number of aspects which you can read over here, along with the rest of the patch notes. I’m quite happy to hear about all these issues with the keepers, as I’ve been desperate for an excuse as to why I’m so crap at FIFA 19, and now I can blame EA Sports.

Elsewhere, there have been tweaks to how the Game Plans function, with the new ability to change these plans from the pause menu being the most meaningful change here.

But forget all that noise… the most important fix of all is that your online opponents can no longer skip your goal replays. What kind of savage doesn’t allow a lad to enjoy the replay of the first goal he’s ever scored online? It was a limp-wristed roll-in from a few yards from the box, to be fair, but it was my limp-wristed roll-in. Anyway, those days are behind us, and now, BallLover69_ZA, you will watch my goal replays and you will enjoy them.

There’s more to it than those headline changes, mind you, so if you take this sort of thing seriously then hit that link that I slipped in a few paragraphs back. Aaaah, okay, fine, here it is again, lazy buggers. This latest FIFA 19 update is live now for the PC version, with console updates coming in the near future.

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