Fallout 76 beta glitch unironically nukes the entire beta, lol

When Bethesda warned that the beta could introduce some “spectacular issues”, this probably isn’t exactly what they were expecting. Or maybe it was. I mean, it’s Bethesda. If it can go wrong, it’s going wrong – and on PC, it went so wrong the studio recommended that players “not click any buttons” in the beta client or risk deleting it.

Launched this week on PS4 and PC subsequent to an exclusive Xbox One test phase, the Fallout 76 beta apparently broke on PC almost as soon as it exited the Vault. Besides problems with pre-loads, logins, and even the developer’s forums for whatever reason, some players were finding that they’d somehow accidentally wiped out the 50 GB beta client itself.

To make up for it, Bethesda is extending the beta for everybody from 20:00 on Thursday night until 05:00 on Friday morning, local time – although it’s not been confirmed if the issue is actually resolved.

Game’s out on 14 November on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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