There’s something very fishy about this No Man’s Sky update

No Man’s Sky’s previous major update, Next, changed the game significantly, and also served as a welcome to Xbox One gamers who had been left out until then. This new update, entitled The Abyss, isn’t nearly as ambitious, but it does add a wealth of new content and substantial changes to the aquatic aspects of the game to reel you in. Make a splash. Get hooked. I’ll stop now.

Next already fixed a lot of what was considered broken in No Man’s Sky – if you tried it at launch and haven’t dipped into it since, you might be pleasantly surprised at how it’s grown – and now Hello Games has just about completely overhauled all the wet bits too. Everything below the surface has been expanded, tweaked, and improved.

Plunging the depths had been a bit dull until now, but new story elements, underwater building modules, a shiny new submarine, and a host of new oceanic fauna and flora should be enough to convince players to take another look down there. There’s more to the upgrades, as well as a sprawling list of other fixes covering the rest of the No Man’s Sky world. So, ships and planets and that sort of thing. It’s quite a list.

The Abyss is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Don’t expect even some news, much less an actual launch of The Elder Scrolls VI for “years”, sorry