Henry Cavill dresses up as a moody Legolas for Halloween, I mean The Witcher

When the Superman actor first showed interest in the role of protagonist monster merc in Netflix’s TV series of The Witcher, I made up this image in Photoshop because messing around with stupid stuff instead of working is kind of my thing. Turns out, I was so close.

The streaming corp debuted its Geralt on Twitter yesterday with a screen test video featuring Henry Cavill doing his best impression of an enigmatic sorcerer-for-hire, even despite the shitty wig and not being Mads Mikkelsen.

The TV show is apparently a prequel to the events of the games, so that’s why he’s missing the scar and the health bar.

Production starts this month in Hungary and Slovakia, and – according to my secret network of rats and ravens – some filming is also scheduled in South Africa, probably Cape Town, but shhhhhhhh, I didn’t tell you that.

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