PSA: Black Ops 4 “Blackout” has been down for over a week, with no official response from Activision/Treyarch

For many people purchasing Black Ops 4 (myself included), the Blackout mode was the primary motivation.

It was worth it – Blackout, for the short amount of time I was actually able to play it, was awesome. Unfortunately for everyone in South Africa, the mode has been unavailable for over a week, and we have gotten no response from the publisher or the developer on this issue.

From what I’ve been able to gather online, there have been multiple support tickets opened, complaints made to Activision/Treyarch, multiple Reddit posts and other attempts to reach out on social media. I’m more concerned that the problem has not even been acknowledged than I am about the problem itself. Consumers should expect better from a AAA studio, especially after coughing up a grand. There have been reports of this problem in other non-EU/NA areas as well, but I can’t confirm how accurate those are.

What I can say is that Blackout is currently unplayable for South Africans, and has been for more than a week. If you were thinking of buying this game for the Blackout mode, hold off for now. I’ll update this post if we get any official response.

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