BioWare’s N7 Day promo uses the phrase “the future of Mass Effect”, which means…

Ermegeeeeerd, a mobile game?! Maybe, but probably not, but who even knows – besides studio boss and series director Casey Hudson, I mean, who definitely knows something and wants us to know it.

Commemorating its annual 7 November N7 Day event on Twitter, BioWare posted a retrospective video that features a montage of significant moments from the games, with commentary from the developers and fans – and a not exactly ambiguous tease about the “next” game. Whatever that is. The video closes with Hudson looking meaningfully into the camera as he sips from a mug branded with Commander Shepard’s idiosyncratic “I should go” excuse to end conversations.

The somewhat controversial Mass Effect: Andromeda introduced a completely new narrative and cast to the franchise, and takes place several hundred years subsequent to the previous three games. Whether BioWare chooses to continue its wobbly colonial expansion program with the next sequel, or start somewhere else entirely is a matter of speculation for the moment, but I vote for a Garrus dating sim.

The SABC’s streaming service is back in the news, lol