PSA: Overwatch’s next update requires a complete reinstallation of the game

Overwatch players on limited data accounts might want to add another 25GB or so to their cap this month, because Blizzard is giving the game a total makeover. In a post announcing the revamp on the Overwatch forums, a community representative explains that the developers have made “fundamental” changes to the game’s client, and this includes upgrades to back-end networking services. Kotaku reports that the game will essentially be remastered, with the changes benefiting the game’s load times, using less system memory, reducing space taken up on system drives, and introducing new file formats for the maps that will be easier to support in the future. Linux gamers who run the game through Lutris are going to want to wait a week or two while bugs with the new game client and DXVK can be ironed out.

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