Giblets: Fallout 76 is delayed in South Africa

Those of you buying Fallout 76 on disc won’t be making it out of the Vault on Reclamation Day tomorrow due to some sort of “international logistic” problems, local retailer BT Games has confirmed, which probably doesn’t include nuclear war between the US and China so, you know, it could be worse. As bad as waiting to get the game, and then waiting some more because it’s got a mandatory 51GB update to download and install first? About as bad as that, I guess.

“Due to international logistic challenges faced by our suppliers during this busy time of year, Fallout 76 stock has not yet arrived in SA,” BT Games explains on Facebook. “We will not be able to make the release date as planned and we apologise for the inconvenience. BT Games will update our pre-order clients as and when we get updates from our supplier.”

And that’s why Vault-Tec Corporation recommends computerised digital download technologies, kids. It’s the future, today.

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