Sunset Overdrive is super-boosting onto PC

Confirming rumours from back in May, Insomniac Games’ fizzy post-apocalyptic mutant grind-’em-up is busting out onto Windows 10 PCs… today. Surprise!

An unconventional mega-mix of Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Saints Row, and some sort of psychedelic hallucination made up almost entirely of brightly coloured-in Memebase gags, gratuitous swears, and self-referential parody, the game first launched exclusively on Xbox One in 2014 with instant must-have status on Microsoft’s new console. It’s a retro-nostalgic gamer’s game, where the objective is simply to cause as much chaos as you can for points, and also includes exploding teddy bears.

Presumably because planetary rotation keeps us in the future ahead of the US, Sunset Overdrive wasn’t available yet at publish time but is expected to be out on the Microsoft Store and Steam by this evening.