Terrorguards hate this one trick! How to get 200 World of Warcraft Timewarped badges in 20 minutes? YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!1

Timewarped badges are a special World of Warcraft currency that can only be spent about one week every month during Timewalking events. These badges can be used to buy mounts, companions, toys, heirlooms, and even reputation, so they’re incredibly useful. As the most recent Timewalking event draws to a close, I’ve come to realise the most common way to earn Timewarped badges – running Timewalking dungeons – is possibly also the worst way.

The first dungeon of any event is always worthwhile because there’s a once-off reward per event of 500 badges. If you’re really lazy, one dungeon a month for ten months will earn you enough badges to afford the most expensive reward Timewarped badges can buy – a mount. From then on, each dungeon only rewards about 40-50 badges (maybe as much as 100 if you’re a healer or tank and are responding to a call to arms).

Now, running Timewalking dungeons is fine, and can even be fun, when you have a group of friends who work well together, but running them by using the dungeon group finder tool can be a nightmare. Sure, it’s possible to find a good group that way, but it’s also possible to run into players who are toxic, unfriendly, or just plain bad. Chances of wiping or players rage-quitting are high, while chances of quick and easy runs are pretty low. As a DPS, I found that queues could take 10-20 minutes. Add to that 30-50 minutes per dungeon, and I was sometimes looking at 50 badges taking over an hour to farm. Madness, especially when there’s a much more time efficient way to farm badges, one that doesn’t rely on other players or even Timewalking events at all (UPDATE: While the Deaths of Chromie scenario is available any time, Timewarped Badges only drop from it during Timewalking events. So you can work on completing and unlocking everything in the scenario now, but only start farming once the next Timewalking event starts.) – the Deaths of Chromie scenario.

At level 120, this scenario is especially quick and easy. Each run takes me about 20 minutes, and I usually make at least 150 badges per run. It’s actually so convenient and easy, I won’t be surprised if they decide to nerf it at some point, so it’s probably a good idea to take full advantage while you can.

If you’ve never done this scenario before, then you may want to follow this Wowhead guide. Completing the once-off quests will reward you with 450 Timewarped badges, plus you’ll find yourself collecting badges while you work towards finishing all the quests, getting exalted reputation with Chromie and unlocking all the options on her talent tree, and unlocking the transmog reward. My guide is meant for after you’ve done all of that, when all that’s left to do is farm Timewarped badges to your heart’s content.


Whenever the scenario starts, you get a chance to change Chromie’s talents. This is the build you should be using:

  • Tier 1: Time Stop versus Acceleration. You want Acceleration for the movement speed buff.
  • Tier 2: Accelerated Aggression versus Rapid Recovery. At this point you should be more than OP enough to need any healing, but a damage boost means enemies go down even faster. Take Accelerated Aggression.
  • Tier 3: Dragon’s Determination versus Chrono Charisma. You should be exalted with Chromie by now, so go for Dragon’s Determination.
  • Tier 4: Insight versus Blessing of the Bronze Dragonflight. You absolutely do not want bronze dragons messing things up for you, and Insight makes finding chests even easier, so the choice here is obvious.
  • Tier 5:  Only one option here, Fortuitous. A super useful talent as it makes finding Sands of Time easier.
  • Tier 6: Infinite Velocity or Keepsake Continuum. Keepsake boxes remain useful so take Keepsake Contiuum.
  • Tier 7: Again, only one option here, Dragon Crash, which gives Chromie extra damage, and every little bit helps when you’re trying to keep things speedy.


Your number one goal throughout this scenario is to collect and open as many Sands of Time as possible. Each one gives you two buffs or rewards to choose from, and one of those rewards is Timewarped badges. I’ve listed the rewards in order from most useful to the one option you should never take.

Always take:

  • Timewarped badges: Self-explanatory
  • Time-Lost Wallet: Contains gold and sometimes one of two pets
  • Time-Lost Keepsake Box: Contains an item that can be used to auto-complete a portal challenge


  • Wings of the Bronze: Speed buff
  • Stolen Time: Extra time in the scenario
  • Fangs of the Bronze: Increased damage
  • Hide of the Bronze: Armor buff


  • Favour of the Bronze: Reputation buff

Never ever take:

  • Bronze Drake: Auto-completes a Dragonshrine, which means you lose out on a guaranteed drop of Sands of Time.


As I’ve said, your number one goal here is to collect and open Sands of Time, and I’ve worked out the perfect route for that. Sands of Time can be looted from chests, off bosses, and sometimes from certain enemies. A video of my route:


Starting at Wyrmrest Temple, accept the quest that rewards Sands of Time. Fly down and kill the Magnataur patrolling around Wyrmrest Temple – he should show up on your mini-map as a little golden star (Magnataur routes are highlighted in this screenshot). Fly towards the Obsidian Dragonshrine but kill the Magnataur patrolling around the Ruby Dragonshrine on your way. Kill the Magnataur patrolling outside of the Obsidian Dragonshrine, then kill the dreadlord Zorathides after he spawns. By now you should have looted and open quite the handful of Sands of Time, so you should be pretty buffed already.

Run into the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Even though you don’t have to kill the boss inside to get the dreadlord to spawn, there’s still a ton of Sands of Time to be farmed here. Kill enemies – the big skeletons especially have a chance to drop Sands of Time. Run to the red dot on the map below. If you see chests (when they spawn here, there’s three!) jump down to open them. If you don’t see chests you’ll find one in the back of the shrine (each Dragonshrine will spawn chests in one of two possible locations). Either way, run to the back of the shrine – it’s worth going even when a chest isn’t there – killing and looting enemies, then run back out.

Head towards the Ruby Dragonshrine and fly around it, killing the named bosses (I’ve marked their locations on the map below – they all seem to have a high chance of dropping Sands of Time) and looting the chest (one will have spawned – for all the spawn locations for the Dragonshrines go to this map). Kill Talar Icechill inside the tree and head towards the Azure Dragonshrine, killing and looting the Magnataur that partols outside of the Azure Dragonshrine on the way.

Find and open the Azure Dragonshrine’s chest, then kill and loot Void Cargantuan. Head towards the Emerald Dragonshrine, killing the Magnataur that patrols outside that shrine along the way. Kill Thalas Vylethon, find and loot the Emerald Dragonshrine’s chest, then head back to Wayrest Temple and turn in the quest that rewards Sands of Time.

By now you should have looted all four items from the Time-Lost Keepsake boxes, and it’s time to tackle the portals.


The order I’ve chosen means you should have looted enough Sands of Time to have a pretty significant speed bonus by the time you have to do any serious running. So first, head into The Burning of Mount Hyjal. A chest will have spawned in one of three possible locations. Open it. Head to Chromie and use the Brimstone Beacon. Kill and loot the Fiery Behemoth, then head back through the portal.

Next, go into The War for Andorhal. Go straight to Adrine Towhide and give her the Cenarion Circle Documents, then go to Chromie and accept (and almost immediately turn in) her quest. You might have just officially completed the portal, but don’t leave yet! From what I can tell, two chests will spawn in Andorhal, one on the Horde side, and one on the Alliance side, and all the enemy faction’s rares will have a chance to drop Sands of Time (we’re talking looting up to six at a time here) so it’s definitely worth going outside. Kill anyone who shows up as a star on your mini-map and check all the possible chest spawn locations so that you can loot the two chests. Only then is it worth going back through the portal. Don’t bother destroying the cannon thing, it doesn’t seem to drop anything.

Your next destination is The Well of Eternity where you want to immediately go check the first chest spawn location (I’ve marked it on the map below). If the chest is there, open it, then use Tyrande’s Moonstone to summon a hippogryph and fly directly to the final boss, Grolethax. Kill him and leave. If the chest wasn’t in the first location, you should be able to spot it in one of the other two locations during your flight. Go back to whichever location the chest has spawned in, loot, and then kill Grolethax and leave.

One note about this – for some reason, a Time-Lost Keepsake box containing another one of Tyrande’s Moonstones seems to have a high chance of dropping if you open any Sands of Time after summoning the hippogryph. This is a bit of a waste, so don’t open any Sands of Time until you’ve left this portal.

Lastly, you’re going to want to head into the Culling of Stratholme. Use your Stratholme gate key to head directly to the boss (a chest may have spawned on your way), kill it, and release Chromie. You’ve officially completed the scenario! But there’s still some guaranteed Sands of Time in this portal to collect. Culling of Stratholme has a handful of quests than involve visiting different vendors, buying items, then giving them to the quest givers. It’s best to buy all the items in one go. I’ve marked the locations for the vendors on the map below.

Buy one of each green item the vendors have, except for the vendor who sells Salted Venison Jerky, because you’re going to want two of those. While you’re near that vendor (I’ve marked him with two dots on the map instead of one), you might be able to see a chest on the mini-map. Keep an eye out for it, but don’t try to get it yet – you won’t be able to access that chest unless you complete the quests. Once you have all the green items from the vendors, head to Emery Neill to accept the quest Smoke, Meat and Pretty Flowers. Turn it in immediately for a couple of Sands of Time, then accept the quest Yeah, Definitely for the Kids. Head over to Orphan Matron Meliana to turn it in. She’ll run outside, then offer a new quest that can be accepted and immediately turned back in for Sands of Time.

Now, if you’ve already looted a chest in Stratholme, you’re pretty much done. Leave the instance group and you’ll find yourself back with Chromie at Wyrmrest Temple ready to do it all over again. If, however, you haven’t looted another chest yet, you’re going to want the Town Hall Door Key, so finish up the quests for Emery until he gives it to you. Head to the Town Hall – it’s right by the guy who sold you Salted Venison Jerky. The final chest will either be in a side room inside the Town Hall or outside the back (the map is over here). Loot the last chest. You might also want to run down the back alley, killing the Dark Necromancers and Bile Golems who sometimes drop Sands of Time, or you might just want to leave the scenario. Your choice.

And there you have it. And I know, written out like this, it sounds like a lot, but the route is actually very simple. You’re just killing bosses and looting chests. It takes almost no time to be expert enough to breeze through this route at full speed. On Sunday, I was able to buy my first Timewalking mount – the Eclipse Dragonhawk, a Burning Crusade mount I’ve wanted since, well, Burning Crusade.

The next Timewalking event begins on 5 December, and it’s Wrath of the Lich King, so for 5000 Timewarped badges you can get a flying glowing horse. A flying glowing horse, people. If that’s not reason enough to farm Timewarped badges, I don’t know what is.