Ooooh, what’s Alien: Blackout?

Dunno, but it’s something, because 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark for whatever it is, a Twitter account with the same name attached to 20th Century Fox’s FoxNext Games division was registered in September, and a xenomorph may be involved.

Connecting the acid dots, a new Alien franchise game for PC and consoles was announced back in January, in development at San Francisco-based Cold Iron Studios, which was established in 2015 by a number of ex-BioShock, Doom, and Borderlands devs, and is now owned by – guess what, you guessed it – FoxNext Games. No additional intel about the game has been confirmed since, but we can probably assume it’s not a sequel to Creative Assembly’s 2014 holding-your-breath-in-lockers sim Alien: Isolation.

Things get more intriguing, though.

Earlier this month, The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley dropped this on Twitter.

So, the unconventional typography and image somewhat resemble Alien’s retro-futuristic aesthetic, and what’s up with that “W”? And corporate bad guys Weyland-Yutani’s “Building Better Worlds” slogan is sort of, kind of similar to “Worlds Will Change”.  Okay, but maybe that’s a coincidence.


Responding to photos on Twitter of Hideo Kojima with some Alien paraphernalia during a recent visit to Fox’s studios, The Game Awards used the same line. Totally random… or is it?

I guess we’ll find out on 6 December, but in the meantime, I don’t even need an excuse to embed this.

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