More than 200 million people are playing Fortnite

That’s up from 10 million players at about the same time last year, so I guess Epic Games can tell mom that this video game stuff is actually working out and she was wrong and now who’s stupid for dropping out of that accounting degree, huh.

According to Bloomberg, Fortnite has also contributed to a recent $15 billion studio valuation, a substantial boost from its $4.5 billion valuation back in May and a comparatively dismal $825 million valuation in 2012.

Not bad for a game that was stuck in development purgatory for almost forever before launching into a somewhat bizarre early access in July 2017 and would probably have bombed if it weren’t for the subsequent Battle Royale mode launch in September. What, you forgot about Save the World? So did everybody else.

Only 300 million more to beat Candy Crush Saga.