Far Cry New Dawn is a neon post-apocalyptic mayhem sim

Which is more or less exactly what we’d expected, but it’s also a megamix Far Cry 5 sequel-expansion sort of thing, and it’s out in less than three months, amen hallelujah.

Debuted at The Game Awards last night, Far Cry: New Dawn is somewhat comparable with previous, um, sequansions Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Far Cry Primal, this one seems to be reusing much of Far Cry 5’s original map, but with a zany Mad Max-with-pink makeover. According to Far Cry: New Dawn’s blurb, it’s set in Hope County some 17 years after the events of the previous game – you know, the everything-gets-nuked thing – and introduces new villains, The Twins. Far Cry 5’s hillbilly messiah Joseph Seed is also back, although his own purposes are not immediately obvious – but the end of the world isn’t working out for him, apparently.

It’s out on 15 February 2019.