NVIDIA’s new AI is generating new people and also nightmares

The good people at NVIDIA have developed AI capable of creating photographs of people that don’t exist and cats that shouldn’t. Because this is the internet, it is the cat part you should be most interested in.

Tero Karras at NVIDIA uploaded a video, and associated research paper, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of their AI in its ability to generate believable human faces without triggering your uncanny valley response; that unsettled feeling when you look at a CG character or robot that sort of looks real, but not quite. It seems they have also applied this technology to cars, bedrooms, and…cats.

In the video, we see some examples of their kitty creations and all seems legit; they do indeed look like cats. However, lurking at the end of the research paper, henceforth known as the abyssal plain, is their accursed menagerie:

What have you done, NVIDIA?

What. Have. You. Done?


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