Upgrade your child, Master Chief style

Now, I’m not saying remove one of your child’s limbs. I’m definitely not saying that. However, if your child has lost, or does not have, a limb for any reason, now they have the option of rocking some Halo-themed appendages. Thanks to a collaboration between 343 Industries and the good people at Limbitless Solutions.

Limbitless Solutions is a US non-profit organisation which manufactures personalised bionics for people with disabilities. Back in 2015, Robert Downey Jr. delivered one such Iron Man arm to a boy named Alex. They’re pretty badass.

Well, now they’re collaborating with 343 Industries, the developers behind Halo, to give children some Halo-inspired options. Coming in 2019, there will be two to choose from: a recreation of the Master Chief’s Mk. VI armour and a “multiplayer” variant of the Mjolnir armour that comes with a wide range of colour combinations chosen by the recipients themselves.








Did I mention they do this for free? There is still good in the world despite what the news keeps telling us. Just please don’t go removing bits of yourself, or others, in your quest for the most extreme of cosplays.

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