New The Quiet Man “accolades” trailer is quite…something

You have to give them points for trying, I guess. When Square Enix’s The Quiet Man came out back in November, it did not garner rave reviews. Unless you count the raving about how terrible it was, amiright? lol. The new trailer is pretty much the equivalent of your ex begging to be taken back. But, babe, we’ve changed. It won’t be like it was before. You’ll see, just give us another chance!

The Quiet Man is an action-adventure game, interspersed with live action cut scenes, centered on the gimmick of the protagonist being deaf. The story revolves around you kicking all the butts in the name of your mother who met an untimely demise. Y’know, the usual. The original version emphasized the protagonist’s deafness by having heavily muted to non-existent audio throughout the game, outside of the opening and closing scenes. It did not go well.

So Square Enix decided to add subtitles and audio to the game, and then released this self deprecating accolades trailer, in an attempt to win us back. At least, that’s what I assume they were trying to do. It’s in Japanese and I encourage you to watch it with the auto-translate captions on.

So, ready to give The Quiet Man another chance? No? Well, whatever, you’re not even that pretty anyway.

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