New Spawn movie will be joyless, dark, and ugly. Yay?

Two decades after the exceptional TV miniseries and questionable film, there’s a new, even grittier reboot of Spawn in the works, and Todd Mcfarlane wants you all to know that it isn’t going to be any fun, like seriously. If you were looking for comedy you best just look the other way, buddy.

To be fair, the Spawn plot isn’t exactly rich with comedic potential in the first place. Did you hear the one about the dodgy CIA agent who was murdered by his friend, sent to hell, and resurrected as a demonic entity all in the hope of seeing his wife again, but five years had already passed and she’d moved on and married his best friend, and now he has to hunt pedophiles just to make it through the day? LOL.

In a recent interview with Nerdist, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane said that this new Spawn will be a “deeply serious, dark, and almost disturbing R version of a superhero character”. He wants to make a horror movie that happens to have a superhero in it. So, like the Babadook, but with a cape to go with that fancy hat.

How do we feel about this? I really enjoyed the original 90’s series and I am intrigued by the idea of a genre-bending superhero movie. However, I am afraid that this may be a niche too far. Anything’s got to be better than the 90’s movie, though.

This new Spawn is currently in pre-production, still in search of funding, with no release date set as yet.

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