Are you watching You?

Because you should be. Mixing up the dreary sentimentalism of boy-meets-girl with a narcissistic psycho stalker and a victim with zero clue her new boyfriend is, you know, a narcissistic psycho stalker, You is the trashy romantic comedy thriller binge-o-rama that teaches us mom was right about social media.

Based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, Netflix’s must-watch show of the week is about bookshop manager and super duper #niceguy Joe Goldberg who falls in love with customer Guinevere Beck. About three minutes after meeting her. Cue introduction of subtle minor tones. As she smiles and makes polite conversation, he’s planning an entire future for them, together forever, and it’s totally going to be different to the last one. We’ll find out more about that later. Kind of.

The fun thing about You is that almost everybody in it is a shitty person for one reason or another, so it doesn’t even matter much that the plot is so perverse and even, at times, completely implausible, because the important thing is that these assholes must atone for their sins and maybe Joe Goldberg is the narcissistic psycho stalker we deserve.

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