HBO’s 2019 lineup trailer reminds us all that we get to see dragons again this year

Oh, right, I forgot that was coming out this year! Is probably what you’ll be thinking while watching HBO’s latest teaser trailer for its 2019 lineup. There are new seasons and new releases aplenty so come get your fix.

You’ll get a first look at footage from Game of Thrones Season 8, Watchmen, True Detective Season 3, and a whole bunch more. Although, True Detective already had its own trailer so that’s more of a reminder that we want it to be better than season 2. Be prepared to re-watch the allotted seconds of your favourite bits from your favourite series, scouring them for anything that might mean something in the grander scheme of things.

For GoT, we’ve got Daenerys at Winterfell, giving her best “who’s queen?” face, and the obligatory dragons doing rad, dragon-ey, things. Pity there wasn’t any Tyrion, then it would have contained all of the reasons we’re still watching this behemoth.

Watchmen shows us fan-favourite, Rorschach, and a bunch of other people with covered faces. How does anyone see anything in this place? It seems like a really poor choice of uniform for people meant to be guarding things. I, personally, await this with hopeful trepidation.

How about you? What are your thoughts on HBO’s 2019 offerings?

Game of Thrones Season 8 is coming in April, and Watchmen, so far, has the, really specific, release date of 2019. Thanks, HBO!

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