Overwatch player who quit her team citing harassment was a fake and also a “social experiment” and everybody loses this round, directed by M. Night Shyalaman

Ellie is a bad girl. Or she would be if she were a real girl, which she isn’t, she’s actually a boy, a very bad boy, and consequences will never be the same.

If you also missed it last week because you were on holiday having fun like me, “Ellie” was a player on the Overwatch Contenders minor league team Second Wind who dropped out when her identity became a subject of some scepticism – a not exactly unprecedented controversy, according to the no-girls-on-the-internet rule, but a kind of boring one to start 2019 no less. I voted for a robo-dinosaur apocalypse, but whatever.

Anyway, turns out the no-girls-on-the-internet rule prevailed in this one case, because Ellie was some guy pretending to be a female gamer to prove… I dunno. That girls exist on the internet, maybe, but, like, ironically? Although the team hasn’t confirmed it, some people in the esports scene are claiming that Ellie was Punisher, an amateur player.

“Ellie is not Ellie,” streamer Becca “Aspen” Rukavina told viewers on Twitch. “The whole situation was meant to be, in a way, a social experiment. Ellie is actually Punisher, and he told me yesterday, so there you go.”

In the meantime, though, Second Wind has apologised for not properly verifying that Ellie was Ellie and next time somebody says there are no girls on the internet, you know who to blame.

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