What will the Slightly Mad Studios console look like? You decide!

A few days ago, Ian Bell at Slightly Mad Studios announced that they were going to be releasing a rival console that will be amazing in every way you can imagine a console might be amazing. Then, he tweeted a picture of a proposed design for the Mad Box, which was…colourful. Now, he appears to be crowdsourcing their design decisions via the medium of Twitter.

The original design, with its bright colours and stylised “M” frame, screamed for attention and seemed to be built to withstand regular transportation, but what of these new options? Well, there’s a cube version, because, historically, cubes have done so well in the console wars. This one can stand on its corner.

It can also expand in the middle to potentially allow for more efficient cooling in “performance” mode.

Then there’s the one that looks a little bit like a car spoiler, which would make sense, given Slightly Mad Studio’s gaming heritage. It’s also got a touchscreen on the front, to either delight or annoy you, with information about what you’re currently doing, and if you’ve got mail.

You may also be interested in Bell’s, apparently genuine, offer to reward anyone who can come up with a decent slogan for the Mad Box:

So get on that, I suppose.

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