Someone at Facebook reveals interesting fetish after rejecting Gris launch trailer for being too sexual

Stupid, sexy statues. Is this a thing? I’m not here to kink-shame anyone, but this doesn’t seem like a thing.

Devolver Digital, publishers of award-winning indie game, Gris, announced that their launch trailer was rejected by Facebook for being “sexually suggestive”. Yes, that scene, up above, was too sexual for someone.

According to Kotaku, a Devolver spokesperson said that “this is stupid”. They’re not wrong. So, Facebook doesn’t allow for nudity or sexualised content and the problem is that there isn’t any in the Gris trailer. Unless just being female-shaped counts as porn now. Have we regressed to the 1800’s? That’s taking the whole retro vintage trend a little far.

I have to assume this is due to some algorithm that picked up the sexy potential and not an actual human being. Although, actual human beings enforced it, so who knows. Cunning marketing technique, perhaps? Either way, you can check out the scandalous, NSFW, launch trailer below.


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