30,000 more cheaters banned from PUBG over the holiday season

Lots of boys and girls got a not-so-merry Xmas, PUBG Corp’s Naughty/Nice Division has confirmed, including a number of esports pros. Ho-ho-ho.

Launched next to the new Vikendi map in December, the game’s 0.10.0 update also introduced an improved anti-cheat system, busting some 30,000 players for a radar hack that had been previously hard to detect. Instead of messing with game files, according to Kotaku, the hack would intercept data packets between remote PCs and PUBG servers via a VPN service, revealing other player locations on a second screen.

Subsequent to a “global investigation on all the currently active professional PUBG players”, the ban list also features more multiple esports players who were identified as cheating or colluding with cheaters on their own teams and have been now suspended from competitive play for up to three years. Bye, guys, it’s been real.

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