The Doom Eternal composer is assembling a choir of heavy metal screamers and he wants YOU

Do you have generic dragon/skull/dagger/snake tattoos? Do you wear leather and/or denim for thirteen days and through twelve mosh pits before you pop them in the wash again? Have you ever scratched the Slayer logo in your arm with the pointy part of an unbent paperclip, just deep enough that it bleeds a little but doesn’t cause any damage and doesn’t really hurt but looks oh, so metal? If that’s you, you might be interested in the choir of heavy metal screamers that Doom Composer Mick Gordon is assembling for (presumably) Doom Eternal.

“I’m currently writing music for a video game,” said Gordon in a statement reaching out to interested parties. “I really want to record a choir. But for this project, I don’t want to record a regular choir; I want to record a choir made up entirely of Heavy Metal Screamers. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t believe this has ever been done before. Therefore, here is an open invitation to anyone out there who wants to apply to join our Heavy Metal Choir.”

Gordon, an industry veteran who most recently worked on the score for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, doesn’t mention Doom Eternal by name, but it’s got to be that, right? We know he’s the guy putting together the tunes for id’s latest gorefest, and the idea of a metal scream choir would fit the bill perfectly for this upcoming project, so it’s hardly a stretch to make that assumption.

The bad news is that, to stand a chance to be a part of the choir, you’ve got to be eligible to work in the US. Not eligible like you dug your way under that heavily contested southern border and forged a work permit in MS Paint. Proper eligible. This probably auto-disqualifies much of our South African readership, but if you’re somehow still in the running then get your throat ready for punishment, head over here, and give it a bash.

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