Ubisoft has chosen the Epic Games Store over Steam to deliver The Division 2 to PC gamers

Epic, clearly not satisfied with having the most talked about game in the world right now, is hard at work making its new digital game store the it thing in online sales with the announcement that Ubisoft’s The Division 2 for PC will be available on Epic’s platform, and (probably) not on Steam.

It’s an arrangement which will have caught many by surprise – a Steam release is almost a given these days, but Epic obviously has the cash and gravitas to pull in even high profile releases like this. That being said, Ubisoft hasn’t specifically said that The Division 2 won’t be appearing on Valve’s platform at all, but there is absolutely no mention of a potential Steam release anywhere to be seen.

What we do have is a comprehensive pre-order page on Epic’s storefront, which includes configurations of the game ranging from $59.99 all the way to $109.99 for the big spenders. News like this may be of little interest to the end user, but it represents a significant snub from Ubisoft to Valve’s once once indomitable digital retail platform. You can’t blame Ubisoft for taking their business elsewhere, though, as Epic is asking a substantially lower cut of revenue that Valve has been, putting the pressure now on the Steam platform holder to either reduce its revenue cut or risk losing ground to the new kid on the block.

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