Local indie developer Rogue Moon Studios announces new “Lovecraft-inspired” cults-‘n’-cataclysms game

The System Crash guy is swapping his noodle takeout and black market data-jacks for a ticket to Newport and something much more… ominous, apparently.

Over on Twitter, Rogue Moon Studios’ one-man team Gareth Fouche explains that the tentatively-titled Cults of the End Times is, much like System Crash, also a collectible card game. Not so much like System Crash, however, it’s about “cults vying with each other to be the first to bring about the end of the world” – which I guess, when you think about it, maybe isn’t actually so different to System Crash, except for the cosmic horror and inevitable tentacle stuff.

“The End Times are nigh. All the signs, portents and spirits whisper of a place – Newport, where the gateway to the Outer Dark will open, and the terrible alien gods of that place will enter our world to feast on the living and the dead,” the blurb prophesies with whispered shrieks. “Cultists, madmen, mediums, occultists, witches and psychics are all drawn to Newport, there vying to complete the ritual that will open the way for their alien gods to return and ravage humanity.”

No more than that for the moment, but if System Crash is anything to go on, the auguries on this one are about as benevolent as, you know, the prospect of an incomprehensible apocalypse-by-ambiguous-sphincter-thing could be. So, not bad.

Now you can blame your miserable Apex Legends kill stats on your character’s hitbox size