Anthem has public matchmaking for every in-game activity so I don’t even need friends anyway, mom, now get out of my room

Socially awkward introverts, people who introduce themselves to other people at parties with “Hi, I have an IQ of 140”, and guys subscribed to /r/foreveralone but unironically won’t also be stuck solo in an empty, forsaken void every night in Anthem, BioWare has confirmed, and who said games can’t make wishes real.

Unlike Destiny which limits matchmaking in some activities to pre-assembled teams, the studio’s not-Destiny includes public matchmaking for every in-game activity, so now you know it’s totally different, okay. That’s according to game producer Ben Irving, who responded to a question about it on Twitter.

Although it’s on by default, Irving also explains that you can disable public matchmaking if you want but the game is “more fun in a full group”. Destiny players who miss out on raids because who even has time to find a pre-assembled team would probably add that it’s also “more, like, viable“. So that too.

Game’s out on 22 February.

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