EA cancels open-world Star Wars game and locks on to closer target instead

You know that marshmallow test, where the kids get an extra marshmallow if they wait 15 minutes without eating the one in front of them? It’s about delayed gratification. It’s science. Well, this open-world Star Wars game is like that second marshmallow, except EA doesn’t believe in you, you marshmallow-guzzling fiend.

According to Kotaku, Electronic Arts has cancelled a game that would have involved embodying a scoundrel or a bounty hunter and planet-hopping your way around the galaxy. Sounds rubbish, nobody likes exploring open-world planets and definitely nobody wants to play as a scoundrel in the Star Wars universe, they’re the worst.

Before EA closed Visceral Games, back in October 2017, they had been working on a linear Star Wars game, directed by Uncharted’s Amy Hennig. EA Vancouver had been helping out with it, so, when Visceral closed, they took over and decided to reboot it as an open-world game instead. Except, not any more, because EA cancelled that too.

Kotaku’s sources claim that EA’s top decision-makers wanted something with an earlier release date than what was planned for the, now cancelled, game. So, instead, there’s a much smaller Star Wars project supposedly in the works, set for release in late 2020. Hooray! Do you understand my marshmallow metaphor now?

In case anyone was wondering, nobody was fired as a result of this cancellation.

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