Ooooh, we’ve had a makeover.

Some things are probably not working exactly as they should, but this stuff is super complicated. Give us a minute to sort it out, jeez.

For now, though, here’s what you need to know:

  • Most of the older content on the site has been moved into an archive, with a permanent link at the bottom of the page. This content is totally safe to load, but you can expect some, uh, format issues. The most obvious of these is that the featured image is broken. And fixing it is hard, so it’s going to be broken forever. So, enjoy the substitute cat.
  • The menu has been simplified because it’s 2019 and everybody hates menus with a million sub-menus. The menu is, however, subject to change. Maybe we want to add something else. Maybe we want to take something out. Maybe we just don’t even know what we want anymore.
  • There are some spacing glitches in the mobile version of the site. If you know how to unglitch it, tell us how. UNGLITCHED! Or is it.
  • There’s a spacing glitch in the top grid in the desktop version of the site. If you know how to unglitch it, tell us how. Plz. UNGLITCHED!

If you do come across any problems please let us know!

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