Race the sun in nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis

The world has stopped turning, the storm is through, and, in the end, I want to be riding my Walker with you. In Last Oasis, developed by Donkey Crew, the Earth has stopped turning and humanity can only survive in a narrow band of safety. The sun is a creeping death ray to the West while, in the East, a frozen wasteland is slowly being thawed over time. Nomadic survivors use wind-powered vehicles, called Walkers, to stay on the move while gathering resources, upgrading their junk, and murdering anyone that threatens their tenuous existence.

Don’t think too hard about the premise, just embrace the mechanic.

It does look pretty cool, but these things always do. Who doesn’t want to be a grappling-hook-wielding land pirate? The game is currently in Early Access on Steam so it remains to be seen if there really will be a global, player-based economy, massive areas to explore, and functional solo play, as promised.

Does anyone else think the Walkers look an awful lot like Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest? Don’t pretend you’ve never heard of him. Last Oasis is set for release, on PC, in early 2019.

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